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Mentoring Program

New Farm Mentoring

We have been fortunate to have found a few farms who have become our trusted mentors in alpaca care and husbandry. Without these wonderful people, Nancy Ogan and Welther Zepeda at Double "O" Good Alpacas, Donna and Guerry Higgason at Clearview Alpacas, Northwest Alpacas, and Doug and Denise Caldwell at A.L.Paca's, our experiences would have been different, we are sure.

The value of a mentor farm is difficult to quantify but without them, we know our beginning years would have been much harder. Now, we want to share our experiences, both good and bad, with new farms just as our mentors did for us.

If you're thinking about alpacas, or already decided they are in your future, let us help you. We'll tell you what we learned, what we did right, and did wrong (yes! we did a few things wrong). And, we will be there when you need help.


We offer mentoring services to our clients free of charge.  If you are not a client, then we mentor at a rate of $50/hour.  We take caring for these animals very seriously, and you should too.  Your experience during your time with us will include, extensive hands on training, discussion and demonstration on feeding and herd health.  Plan to spend 1-2 hours with us and be prepared to take notes. 



Updated April 18, 2015